About the Missionaries of Mary

The Missionaries of the Heart of Mary is a volunteer program for young adult catholic women who are 18 years of age or older. Participants of the program serve for one academic year living a life of faith and service as they live in a community dwelling above the Heart of Mary House, which is a home for the dying poor on the campus of St Edwards Catholic Church in Nashville, TN.

The Missionaries of the Heart of Mary commit to living in community, serving those in need through the works of mercy, and receiving catholic spiritual formation through study, daily mass, weekly adoration, bi-weekly confession and spiritual direction.

The missionaries live in a two bedroom fully furnished apartment.

The Program

The Missionaries of the Heart of Mary are the core of the Heart of Mary House. They have a daily presence in the house, serving alongside other volunteers from the community. They also share the mission of the Heart of Mary House with the greater diocesan community, including catholic schools and parishes.

The Missionaries will meet regularly with a spiritual director and be led through a weekly series of Catholic studies in human dignity and the religious directives of the Church concerning end of life care.

The Missionaries gather daily as a community for prayer and share meals together when not serving at the Heart of Mary House. Sundays are a day of rest for all Missionaries.

This program is a full time commitment, so missionaries may not hold another job, work with another volunteer program, or be enrolled in any classes. They must commit to daily prayer, community life, and ongoing formation. They will reside on the campus of St. Edward Church, with housing, meals, transportation and utilities provided. Missionaries will receive stipends for living and personal expenses.

Additional Details

  • Applicants must be Catholic women who have graduated highschool or earned a GED.
  • Missionaries will be given guidelines and expectations about living in community, responsibilities for housework, and rules concerning guests. Participants are expected to keep the house clean and orderly.
  • A three-day orientation will take place prior to the start of the service year.
  • Missionaries will be expected to model comfortable, yet professional appearance and dress as outlined in the Missionaries of the Heart of Mary Handbook.
  • Missionaries will assist at diocesan events throughout the service year, such as educational talks, service projects, table presentations, and more.
  • Missionaries will attend retreats with the Dominican Sisters of Nashville.

If you have questions about these details or the program in general, please contact Kim Derrick, founder and director of the Heart of Mary House at stedwardHOMH@gmail.com or 615-504-8542.

How To Apply

Submit your application, resume, and cover letter as soon as possible.

Interviews will be conducted with select applicants, and the selection process will remain open until five finalists have been accepted and committed.

The program itself operates from August 13, 2023 to May 17, 2024.

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